SVAstha. SVAchcha. SVAdistha.

Healthy. Clean. Tasty.

We promise you food that not just nourishes your body but enhances your overall well-being.

Think it’s too good to be true? A promise heard too many times, too often, only to be broken? Well, this time around, it’s for real. At SVA, our promises are pure, like our products.

Our brand was founded by Rahul and Monica Kushte, with the latter belonging to the Khamkar family, which has an 80-year-long legacy in the business of spices and masala. We began our journey in 2015 with a single product – Nutri Atta Chakki. Today, we are a trusted name for atta and an array of cold-pressed oils.

And now, with SVA Health, we are all set to take our commitment further ahead. We bring you India’s first fortified atta, rich in multivitamins and minerals that have been extracted from vegetables, fruits and plants. It’s not only a boon for those who are allergic to multivitamin tablets but can also address a major issue in our country – malnutrition among children.

At SVA, each product is sourced traditionally, affordably priced and delivered to your kitchen with no extra charges – because it’s our SVAdharma to inspire you to choose healthier living and mindful eating.

And what has made this journey possible and fulfilling is your unshakable faith in us – your viSVAs!

As a brand, we aspire to live up to your love & trust and deliver wellness to every doorstep. Let’s begin our new journey at yours.

SVA: Aap ka viSVAs. Hamare har SVAs mein.