Jwari (Jowar) Flour

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100% organic with no preservatives
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  • 100% organic with no preservatives

USP: 100% organic, stone-ground, with no preservatives

Nutrient-Value: Gluten-free, rich in fibre, high in protein, rich in iron, good for bones, full of vitamins, micronutrients, and minerals 

Beneficial for: Controls blood sugar, good for bones, helps weight loss, improves digestion, good for cardiac health and blood circulation

Quick Recipe: Porridge (Daliya)


  • Jowar
  • Chopped vegetables (carrot, beans, cabbage, beet, etc)
  • Milk (optional)
  • Dry fruits (optional)
  • Salt: Add to taste (optional)

How to cook: 

Pour some water and cook jowar in a pressure cooker. Meanwhile, saute the veggies, finely chopped, of your choice. Mix it with the cooked jowar and add some water to it. Add salt and serve. If you prefer sweet porridge, add milk and dry fruits instead of salt.

Vendor: svahealth
Type: Flour
Size: 1 Kg
Consistency: Fine, Medium, Coarse
Weight::  1.0 kg